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Linda Edelwich

William Raveis Real Estate

218 New London Trnpk

Glastonbury CT    






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The information contained within this website is to be used as informational purposes only. The information provided herein, should be verified independently.

No claim is made by Linda Edelwich, ABR or William Raveis Real Estate to any exclusive right to represent any complex or independent seller featured within this website, unless otherwise stated specifically. Some complexes listed may have units presently listed for sale by Realtors associated with a different company.  In this case, I would be happy to assist you as your Buyer - Broker agent if you decide to purchase a condo in Connecticut.

Prospective buyers searching this site should not consider that, they (the prospective buyer),  Linda Edelwich, ABR or William Raveis Real Estate have entered into any implied or exclusive right to represent such prospective buyer.

If you are searching this website and are under an Exclusive Right to Represent contract with a Realtor (your buyer's agent), I am not attempting to solicit your business. Feel free to search this site and make inquiries about complexes with your Realtor.

Selling price range - Square Footage Range

By providing an approximate range for average selling price, one should keep in mind that this information is provided solely in general figures. Much goes into determining actual asking price, which can lead to higher or lower selling price for a complex. Specifically, most complexes offer several styles and square footage options which would account for a variance in actual sales price. Also, some complexes may be known to have been built to a specific footage size or just 2 bedrooms, however, some unit owners may have completed a lower level living space (such as walk-out lower level)  thus adding an additional bedroom or even bath. This would be an example of a unit that may sell higher than the typical unit for such complex. No claim is made by Linda Edelwich or William Raveis Real Estate that the sales price mentioned is a result of an actual sale effectuated as a direct result in Linda Edelwich or William Raveis Real Estate's involvement in such sale.


Where condo fees are mentioned, please keep in mind that many complexes have a specific condo fee for each individual unit. The fee may be determined depending on the phase built of the unit or the size of the unit. Also, fees may fluctuate depending on need. Some complexes increase fees to build up reserves.  You may also find there are special assessments that have been attached to specific units. Any prospective buyer should be aware of any such special assessment and how it will be handled during the sale of the unit. Therefore, please do not consider the fees mentioned carved in stone. If you are interested in a specific unit, you will need to have the fees verified.


Most complexes allow for pets, however there are likely restrictions for pets. Every condo complex is different. Most complexes typically allow for 1 dog or 2 cats but may have restrictions on the size of the dog and the breed (most disallow the "aggressive breeds"). If you see a "Y" next to pet, you still must verify the pet policy/restrictions.

Please feel free to email me with any questions lae135@cox.net

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