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Linda Edelwich

William Raveis Real Estate

218 New London Trnpk

Glastonbury CT    






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 Seller Tips


  • Careful in pricing your home too high above comparables.  You don’t want your house to stay on the market too long because you are grossly overpriced.  

  • Clear the clutter! My philosophy on getting a house ready to show is “You are moving anyway. Right? So let’s clean house”. The less clutter there is, the larger rooms will appear. If feasible, rent a short term storage unit for your unused items.  It makes a huge difference in how your home shows!

  • You never have another chance to make a first impression. (Click here): Home Staging can help assist you in making sure home shows in the best possible manner to prospective purchasers.

  • We need to make sure we present your home in its best manner to home buyers and their agents. Agents have a lot of influence over their clients when they are showing homes.

  • Please remove your pets from the house before showings. Both from a liability perspective and safety for your beloved pets.  If your pet must stay in the house, make sure to secure your pet in a safe location or pen. 

  • Be aware of what you cook! Nothing is worse than showing a house that has a strong odor from cooking.

  • Keep in mind that pet odors can be offensive to prospective buyers. Great care should be given to making sure your home does not have that smelly dog or cat box smell.

  • Do not over fragrance your home before showings or light too many candles. Anytime I have seen (smelled) this done, the prospective purchaser always asked what the home owner is hiding.


  • Curb appeal! Curb appeal!  Curb appeal!  Make the first impression a positive one. Whether you are selling a house or a condominium make the most of your chance to make a good first impression.

  • Be sure that the exterior areas around the home are well maintained and the landscaping looks its best.  

  • If your association handles these tasks make sure to tell me when the lawn care company comes, I will schedule showings around this busy, noisy time.  

  • Defective walkways should be repaired. Again, liability issues, as well as a good impression.

  • Repair and/or replace any unsecured or disconnected down spouts or gutters.

  • Repaint all areas where the paint is peeling or worn - any bright unique colors should be re-painted to a neutral color.

  • Your front door is the first impression into the house, therefore, make sure your door knob and locks are working properly, clean away the spider webs and wash all the dirt away from the outside door.



  • You don’t live in a museum, but it should be clean and clutter free.

  • Homes that are full of natural light show better. Keep window shades and curtains open. Lights should be kept on where possible - add bright bulbs to make the home brighter.

  • All windows should be cleaned.

  • Kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms should be neat and cleaned - don't leave out any dirty laundry or dishes.

  • Repaint rooms to neutral colors. Yes, most buyers will likely paint their own colors once the move in, but as far as showing your house; the house will look cleaner, brighter and larger. Hopefully resulting in more money at closing for you!

  • Consider replacing badly worn carpeting or outdated flooring. Repair cracked tiles.

  • Do not to leave jewelry or other valuable items out in the open.

  • Be sure to replace all defective light bulbs and electrical switches.

  • Be sure to have a plumber repair leaking or defective plumbing faucets.

  • Repair defective bathroom tiling, remove all mildew ( I love Tilex for this job – works great and smells CLEAN), and re-grout and re-caulk tile where needed.

  • Be sure that your heating and air-conditioning systems have been recently serviced.  At that time, you will have an opinion about the condition of your heating and cooling system which may prove valuable if a home inspector advises a buyer to have the system checked out for any potential problems. Best of all, servicing the systems shows buyers that you’ve maintained the property.

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